Media Appearances
William Sanders has been featured on national radio, television and newspapers as well as in online publications regarding his George Washington Portrait Project. 

National Radio
KARN Radio 950, The Dave Elswick Show, broadcast from Washington, DC 7/4/09
WOR Radio 710, New Interview, New York
KARN Radio 950, The Dave Elswick Show, Little Rock, AR.
WDUN Radio 55, The Martha Zoller Show, Gainesville, GA.
KFMB Radio 960, The Rick Roberts Show, San Diego, CA.
WJBC Radio 1230, The Keith Gottschalk Show, Bloomington, IL.
WGOW Radio 102.3, The Jeff Styles Show, Chattanooga, TN.
WRVA Radio 1140, The Alan Price Show, Richmond, VA.

Newspaper Articles
USA Today 1/2/02
The Atlanta Journal Constitution 2/22/02
Stars and Stripes
The Star Ledger 8/29/99-1/24/02
The Westfield Leader 2/14/02
The Yomiuri Shimbun of Japan 6/8/04
The Washington Times 9/30/04
Kathleen Parker (syndicated columnist) 2/22/07

National Television: The Fox News Channel
Hannity & Colmes 1/11/02
Fox Wire with Rita Cosby 1/20/02
Fox and Friends with Steve Doocy 1/21/02
Fox News with Dari Alexander 1/6/02

Online Publications
National Review Online 1/9/02 1/12/02- 2/22/07
Opinion Journal- The Wall Street Journal 1/9/02
Glen Beck 1/11/02