Our mission is to return George Washington's portrait to America's schools.  Many people are unaware of the Congressional Mandate passed in 1932, which required the unfinished portrait of George Washington to hang in every school.   Unfortunately, as schools started to renovate, and as new schools were being built, the old portraits came down and were never replaced. 

George Washington's anniversaries have come and gone and it is highly unlikely that Congress will fund a campaign of this magnitude again.  It is up to you as a civic -minded citizen to take this project forward on a grass roots level. 

In my talks to groups around the country and legislators this project started to take on a life of its own.  Sean Hannity, national TV and radio host, refers to me on his radio shows as "the guy from New Jersey trying to get Washington's portrait back in the schools."  

It is my hope that through this initiative individual members of the community, individual corporations, various organizations and political leaders will raise and contribute funds to purchase George Washington's portrait and place them in their local schools. Organizations such as the Eagle Forum, Rotary, and Chambers of Commerce as well as individual corporations have played a role in getting these portraits restored to their local schools.

Noted Portrait Presentations Made To:
Edwin J. Feulner- Heritage Foundation 12/11/98The USS George Washington 11/23/01
Bill Bennett- Former Secretary of Education Sir Phillip Goodhart 7/16/99
Gov. Christine Todd Whitman 12/17/98Phyllis Schlafly 10/24/03
Gov. George Allen 8/15/00Gov. Bob Riley 3/14/04
U.S. Sec. of Education Rod Paige 9/25/01   Brian Lamb, C-SPAN 4/8/00
Gov. James Gilmore 12/10/00  Gov. Robert Erlich 10/17/03