On January 2, 2002, USA TODAY wrote an article about this project titled "The Very Picture of Patriotism."  Subsequently, National Review Online wrote an article entitled, "George Not Welcome Here," addressing the disappearance of George Washington's portrait from America's schools.  As part of this initiative presentations of this portrait have been made throughout the country and in England.  The portrait available to purchase graces the walls of many State Houses including; New Jersey, Alabama, Maryland and Virginia.

"Your reproduction of of this engraving is magnificent and truly lives up to the beauty and artistry of the Marshall's 1862 original." -Michael C. Quinn, Deputy Director for Programs at Mount Vernon

"I have no other hero's except George Washington and my mother and I think you have a tremendous and essential project in trying to get Washington in all classrooms.  Our young people need heroes so much."
-Phyllis Schlafly, President of Eagle Forum

"Bill is a perfect example of how the work of one man can make a difference."
-Ed Feulner, President of the Heritage Foundation

"We today should not underestimate the ability of George Washington to teach us about heroism, good character and practical wisdom.  Years from now thanks to Bill Sanders, students will remember this portrait, and that this man set the standard for these virtues. -Matt Spalding, Director of the Heritage B. Kenneth Simon center for American Studies

"We are very grateful to have this portrait hanging at Sulgrave Manor."  -Sir Phillip Goodhart, Sulgrave Manor George Washington's ancestral home in England.